Glass Jewelry – Replacement for the ‘Real Stuff’ Or a Value in Itself?

Time changes the entirety, including our perceptions of what is treasured. Modern rings product of glass is considered ‘dress’ rings, or a substitute of the ‘real aspect’ – made of valuable stones. But that changed into no longer usually the case. When Egyptians buried their cherished king Tutankhamun in 1323 BC, they buried him with famous necklaces: “necklace of the solar,” made out of glass beads combined with the ones made from gold and carnelian, and the ‘vulture collar’, made from strong gold inlaid with portions of multicolored glass.

History of glass earrings is the records of glass making itself, because the early glass turned into used almost exclusively as body ornament. Although scientists cannot agree if the oldest  rose gold glass frames glass beads have been made in Egypt or Mesopotamia, the oldest beads found by way of archeologists have been determined in Egypt and date to twelve,000 BC. They had been easy and pretty crude beads made of clay with glass glaze.

Ancient Egyptians valued glass and glass jewelry enough to decorate their pharaohs with it. There isn’t any doubt that pharaohs ought to afford ‘the real factor’, however there’s a dispute if Egyptians used glass earrings because they valued it so extraordinarily, or because they wanted to cheat grave robbers. Considering how tough glass making became at that point and how rare turned into the information of glass making, it isn’t always tough to consider that the glass earrings become considered to be within the same league as that crafted from treasured stones.

Another reason to trust historical Egyptians valued glass jewelry is the excellent of the workmanship and artistry invested in making pieces that survived to this present day. The necklaces in Tutankhamun’s tomb have been made from strong gold and glass became located as opposed to valuable stones now not because of their lack, but due to intrinsic cost they attributed to glass in its personal right.

Since each Egyptians and Phoenicians used glass beads for change, they were quickly observed all around the world, and with them the know-how of their manufacture. Greek, Etruscan, Roman, Bohemian, Chinese and Indian glass makers started out producing high nice glass beads and other gadgets. But, it turned into no longer until 14th century that murano glass bead-making reached its zenith in Murano, Italy.

Murano glass artisans perfected the lampworking method – glass rod heated with an oil lamp with a pitcher chimney. Molten glass was fashioned by means of blowing or shaping it with specific equipment and hand actions. Murano glass makers got here up with a number of specific bead making strategies which can be nowadays used all over the international. One of the most well-known – millefiori, or thousand flowers – is today nearly the synonym with Murano glass bead making.