In today’s era, everyone is stuck in their homes because of the pandemic. One of the main sources of time pass and entertainment can be fantasy games. We all know that nowadays the IPL season is going on in the country. It is a great time to play the fantasy cricket match and use the knowledge that will help in getting the opportunities to win great prizes. The person can easily install the IPL fantasy cricket app and start playing the match over here.

In India, people love to play and watch cricket matches. You can easily find children playing cricket in almost every street of India. Now with the help of technology, people can play fantasy games. In this, the person needs to use his knowledge related to the game and form his team. If any person wants to earn money and other great prizes just by sitting at home, playing fantasy games will help in doing this.

For playing and winning the fantasy cricket match, the person needs to follow few steps that are listed as follows:

  • The first step to start playing fantasy games is that the person needs to get himself registered with the legal platform of the fantasy games. Once they get themselves registered on the platform, they can play any type of sports they want.
  • As soon as the registration or the login is done, the next step for the person is to select the type of match the person wants to play. The fantasy gaming platform provides with the opportunity to start playing the practice match, once the user is well-versed with the game options, he can further jump to the higher level matches.
  • For playing a cricket match, the person needs to form a cricket team of 11 players. This team will include one wicket-keeper, three to five batsmen, three to five bowlers, and one to three all-rounders. The team is built up within the budget of one thousand gems in total for a particular match.
  • The team must have a vice-captain and one captain of the team. To this, both the players must be different as both of their scoring pattern is different as the captain gets two times of the score and the vice-captain gets one and half times of the score.
  • The selection of the team members is a very crucial task that the person has to do very carefully. In the team of fantasy cricket, there is the requirement of a minimum of three and a maximum of six batsmen. The number of batsmen selected purely depends upon the pitch. If the pitch is a batting pitch, then the maximum number of batsmen should be selected and if the pitch is a bowling pitch then the minimum number of batsmen is to be selected. The person needs to choose the batsmen that have form. It is better not to select the openers from one team only. Even it will be very beneficial for the team if the batsmen is a good bowler. Different batsmen should be selected from a different set of the team to come up with a unique combination.
  • In the fantasy cricket match, there is a requirement of a minimum of three and a maximum of six bowlers in the team. The number of bowlers in the team depends upon the type of pitch as discussed above. Never pick two bowlers from one team only. The team must have death bowlers, one spinner, and one pacer. Look for the bowler that takes wickets and also has a good economy rate.
  • In the team of the fantasy cricket match, there is the requirement of at least one all-rounder to the maximum of four all-rounders. Select the player that is good in both batting and bowling. Even it will be better to make the all-rounder either the captain or the vice-captain of the team.
  • In the cricket match, the wicketkeeper plays a very important role. There is the requirement of only one wicketkeeper in the team. Go for the player that is good at keeping as well as batting. The combination of both these qualities will add more value to the team.
  • Every fantasy cricket team must have one captain and vice-captain that can change the entire score of the match. So, it is better to choose both these layers wisely. Never select the player who is bowler as the captain of the team. If the pitch is batting pitch, select both captain and vice-captain that are batsmen. If the pitch is bowling pitch, then select captain as the batsmen and bowler as vice-captain. Even it is very important not to select both these players from one team only.
  • To join the match, the person might need the pot of Rs. 25 from the bonus cash. Once this is done, the match will start.
  • The match is live and once it starts all the fantasy players will start earning the points based on the actual performance in the match. The final points are displayed once the winners are declared at the end of the match.

So, following all these points will help the person to play well in the fantasy cricket match and it will bring all the chances to win great prizes. There are different types of matches available at the fantasy gaming platform according to the choice of the person. At the time of such a pandemic, these gaming platforms are providing great opportunities to the people to use their knowledge for the game and win different prizes. For more details on the fantasy cricket match, the person can easily go for the IPL fantasy app download. Not only this, people interested in other games like football, baseball, kabaddi, chess, etc can also join the legal platform to use the knowledge about the games. Technology has helped people to play games even if they are stuck inside their houses.