Gems are an integral part of our lives, or rather it is something that personifies our inner and outer soul. Many people may use the gemstones to adorn their external beauty with some beautiful jewelry pieces. Some other people are in favor of wearing them as astrological stones. These are the people who believe in this section of science. Astrology is also a science that uses celestial energy as the prime energy source. The energy molecules present in the gemstones improve the quality of life. All material on this earth has some composition of substances and, no material can exist without the presence of energy molecules. These energy molecules can get amplified to an extent to enhance the energy centers present in our body. In some other situations, the molecular energy may impose negative energy inside a person.

Are Gemstones a Part of Astrology or Jewelry?

It is a debatable question. Many people feel that the gemstones personify their beauty and, these people embrace some jewelry pieces studded with semi-precious gemstones. There is a group of people who think that these semi-precious stones help to enhance their inner aura. It is why they use the gemstones as a part of their astrological remedies. However, the gemstones can possess dual functions depending on their purity and quality. If you are using it for astrological purposes, you need to take care of certain aspects before wearing them.

Some Aspects to Take Care of While Choosing Astrological Gemstones

  • The gemstones tend to absorb the vibrations of an individual who wears them close to their body. Before wearing any reflective gemstone close to the body surface, it is essential to purify the stone by soaking them either in milk or saltwater.
  • While wearing a gemstone for astrological purposes, you need to keep something in mind. The stone surface should directly touch the surface layer of your skin. The touching point must be a small window through the ring or pendant. It would help the gemstone to have direct interaction with the body energies.
  • Do not go for the chemically treated gemstones as a part of your astrological remedy. The presence of trace chemicals in the gemstone interferes with the refractive index of the stones. It reduces its power of effective refection. The presence of impurities and chemicals may also interfere with the natural healing properties of the stone. It would not provide you with similar results as it should have done. It is the reason why it is necessary to consult a gemstone expert before buying one. It is also essential to buy the required gemstone with proper healing features without any flaw or fracture in the stone. If it happens to be a minute crack inside the gemstone surface, it might cause adverse impacts.

Advantages of Using Vedic Gemstones

  • The foundation of astrology lies inside the gemstones. The interactions of light with the gemstone surface give rise to a positive aura inside a human body. It helps the body to rejuvenate its healing power and fills in the mind, body, and soul with positive energy.

Enhance Your Personality- The Neelam or the blue sapphire is the gemstone that can improve your personality traits. Having a superior quality of the blue sapphire can serve as an effective remedy for all your problems during the Saturn transit. It is one of the rapidly acting gemstones whose impacts can be instantaneous. If the blue sapphire gemstone is devoid of any flaws it provides miraculous results. It boosts the metabolism and energy of an individual. It blesses the wearer with mental clarity and repels any act of jealousy by another person. The blue sapphire directly influences wealth and provides financial stability in some horoscopes. This gemstone has the unique property of amalgamating cosmic energy with the crown chakra. This amalgamation is responsible for promoting self-realization and gives enormous name and fame. However, special care is required while preparing the sapphire stone. There should be more than 91% clarity level with an asymmetrical cut on the surface for obtaining maximum effect.

Boost Your Ambition- A gemstone can transform any phase of your life at any point in time. With its origin in the seabed, the red coral is a gemstone that can boost your ambition level and make you successful in life. The most notable benefit of this gemstone is the concomitant victory over the evil and those who impose a negative vibe on you. It gives the appropriate energy to overcome hurdles and achieve victory in life. If you tend to delay your prospective work or plans, the red coral can help you overcome laziness and let you take the necessary initiative to complete all your pending works. This gemstone also has significant impacts on mental health. The red coral is a robust gemstone that enhances the self-esteem of an individual and prevents mental depression. It gives a new ray of hope to those who feel they cannot do anything fruitful in their lives. The red coral has several physiological effects also. It helps to improve the circulation system in the body and also prevents acne and pimples from coming.

Don’t Hesitate with Hessonite- Never hesitate with the magnificent effects of hessonite. This gemstone works wonders on the malicious effects of the Rahu planet. One of the miraculous effects of the hessonite is its control on temperament. It provides mental clarity and prevents confusion from building up on the minds. This gemstone has to do much about mental stress relief. Certain diseases like Cancer, psoriasis, and also some mental problems are difficult to detect. It is where the hessonite gemstone comes into play by providing long-term solutions to such ailments. In some horoscopes, Rahu imposes a negative effect on an individual by enhancing violent and abusive relationships under the influence of drugs and alcohol. The hessonite gemstone comes as a savior.

Whatever problems you are facing in your life, there is no other alternative than wearing the right gemstone. The reflection from these gemstones imbibes a positive feeling in the lives of people. The owner of Khannagems promises to solve your problems with his 30 years of experience in the field of astrology and gemology. Khannagems is the one-stop solution for government-certified gemstones that can bring a new dimension to your life. Trust nothing but the best with Khannagems.